Wednesday, 4 March 2020

SEO Tips for ecommerce websites 2020

Among the different kinds of websites, ecommerce portals are the most difficult to optimize. However, if you know certain tricks, ecommerce sites can be optimized very effectively.

With ecommerce sites, content is generally found in the form of product descriptions. Never ignore the significance of product descriptions for your ecommerce site. Search engine bot do not read images as well as they read text. It's also a decent idea to optimize the product descriptions for your target keywords.
Product Names
Name of the products listed on each page provide good scopefor SEO. Make sure to use commonly searched terms along with the product name. For instance, if you offer a beautiful turquoise colored dress in your store, you get better results if you use "blue-green dress" as the product name as an alternative of "turquoise dress" because more people are probable to use blue, green or blue-green when they search for a dress of this color.
Website navigation is an essential component of SEO. So, you need to categories your products based on different categories and make them easy to trace on the site. Avoid using a many sub-pages and make sure that all categories can be opened from the home page.
Google Places
Submit your business to Google Places. This is a local geography based search. Optimizing on the location is a good trick. You can write in detail about your business and optimize by using the right keywords so that your website shots up in local searches.
Social Media
Connect with target customers on social media and share links to your website on appropriate communities. On your website, create interesting blog or article about the products, and encourage sharing by comprising calls to action and prominent social media icons.
Avoid duplication
Never duplicate a product description, not even from the manufacturer's site. Keep it unique and very interesting. This techniques also applies for titles as well. Also, make sure that content is not copied from one page to another.
Analysis pages are dynamic in nature because of the comments and feedback posted by users. Meanwhile search engine spiders like dynamic sites, ensure that you do not forget to add review pages to your ecommerce store. Do not ignore the importance of keyword in the URL of your website.
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    SEO Tips for ecommerce websites 2020