Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Top SEO Trends for 2016

Search engine optimization (Seo) is the solution for website ranking problem for online businesses if they understand and implement the seo basics and seo techniques properly then online business can get higher ranking in Google search. SEO is neither a one-time event nor about instant gratification, long term commitment is required to see results of seo techniques and strategies used to improve ranking. Google change and update Search engine optimization algorithms regularly so the seo expert implements tactics and tools according to Google strategies to get higher ranking in search engine results.

Here is quick seo guide you need for your website.
  • There is a strong relation between backlinks and page rank. Backlinks is the ranking signal used by Google. The websites having backlinks from a variety of domains rank higher in Google search. It is very important to promote your websites’ links on a wide variety of domains having high page rank (PR) instead of getting a lot of backlinks from the same domain.  

  • The websites should have low bounce rate to rank higher in Google instead of having high bounce rate. The studies show high bounce rate cause lower ranking. If visitors bounce off your website like a trampoline, it definitely shows they are not interested in reading your content and do not want to stay on your website as a result Google will downrank your website. The attractive, appealing, responsive website and quality content written with small paragraphs can attract and stick the visitors as a result bounce rate would decrease.

  • Long-form content ranks better in Google search rather than short-form content. Now, the average Google first page result has approximately 2000 words. It is necessary for content writer to write high quality, informative and interesting content with trendy and attractive topic to grab and engage the visitors. Numerous studies show the pages with longer content get more social media sharing and get higher ranking in Google search.

  • Site speed is an important ranking signal for Google. Site speed matters a lot for visitors to stay on your websites. Different studies show that 40% of visitors would not stay on your websites if it takes more than 3 seconds in loading. The website should have page loading speed of less than 2 seconds to get top Google SERP rankings.