Tuesday 5 October 2021

How to optimize your mobile app for app store

App Store optimization is the process of the increasing app conversion rates

Visibility within the app stores and improving app Visibility.

App Store optimization is focused on the Two Leading Store platform

Google play store for Android

Apple app Store for iOS

You have to convince people to click on your app store listing once thy find it.

Here are some important Steps you will to take to improve App Store Optimization

Mobile app optimization

App Title {Use a Descriptive Title}

When descriptive titles are used within link text, they help users navigate more clearly the content they are interested in.

Describe Your App Well is very helpful to optimize your mobile app for app store

Use Proper Grammar and punctuation

App clearly and succinctly introduce

Most notable features Describe

Think of your target customer and highlight features that appeal to that customer.

Explain how your app will benefit users

 Use Keywords Wisely

Study the Competition

Understand the long tail keyword

Put yourself in the customer's shoes when you make a preliminary list of your keywords

Use keyword Research Tools

Identify your target audience

Analyze the results

Add an App Preview Video

Explain the content. You need to consider the features that you want to highlight in your video.

Use Screenshots High Quality

People decide in just 5 seconds whether they are going to download the app or not. Your App Store page looks like there are many high quality Mobile App.

Focus on Icon Design

An icon must be easy to read....

Use vibrant colors. ...

Create a simple logo. ...

Create in vector format. ...

Pick the Right Category

Placing your app in the appropriate category on optimize your mobile app for app store only helpful for users browsing apps by category, but it is also great for helping your mobile app rank well.

Use Application Store Analytics

There is a direct link between rankings and downloads: the more downloads your app has, the more popular its ranking will be.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Reviews and positive ratings, both in terms of quantity and quality, have a huge impact on your App Store optimization efforts.

Reevaluate Regularly

Like Google Analytics for web page marketing, there are many powerful App Store analytics tools designed to help you with your mobile marketing strategy. You'll be able to see where your app stands in the competition, and increase your store rankings accordingly.

Wednesday 14 April 2021

The Importance of Topical Authority for SEO


To succeed on the SERPs, you need to prove that you’re an SEO expert in your field. How? By showing Google that you have the knowledge and expertise to go in-depth on topics related to your industry. Not only that, but you also need to show that you have the ability to expound on these topics through multiple types of content. This strategy is all about building topical authority for SEO.

Even if you have already established your brand and your image to consumers in the real world, optimizing for search engines is a different game. Since Google utilizes algorithms to understand what your website is about, it’s important that you know what type of information you need to have to improve your rankings. That’s where topical authority comes in.

topical authority

What Is Topical Authority?

Topical authority is achieved when Google or other search engines see your website as an authority on a particular topic. Why is this important? It’s simple. The more you build your authority with Google, the more it trusts you and the content you produce. The more trust you have, the more keywords you can rank highly for.

Let me give you an example. For one of our new clients, we created landing pages that talked about polo shirt uniforms, corporate uniforms, and work uniforms. One day, to improve rankings, I thought of placing the keyword “best SEO company in Islamabad” in the homepage’s metadata. After a few days, I searched for the keyword again and found our client in the # 2 spot.

How did that happen? Well, we were able to establish topical authority.

How To Establish Topical Authority Through SEO Blogs

If you want to establish topical authority, it’s important that you understand what you’re optimizing for in the first place.

With the introduction of the Hummingbird update in 2013, Google advanced and improved search results using natural language processing. Instead of relying on the number of keyword mentions or the number of backlinks, Google’s algorithm started using semantic search and synonyms to understand the content better.

Currently, if your content is able to target the right search intent, your website can start gaining authority. To boost your chances of ranking for more keywords, you should start looking into building your topical authority. 

What Are The Benefits of Topical Authority For SEO?

Besides better rankings, there are some other perks that come with having topical authority. First of all, it can lead to more clicks. The higher you rank on the SERPs and the more keywords you rank in, the more visible you become to users. If your content meets their search intent, they will click on your site.

Another benefit that comes with having topical authority is that it can lead to natural link building. Once people see that your content is relevant and made by an expert, more sites are guaranteed to build links to your pages. They may direct users interested in learning more about certain niche topics to your website. And, once they do that, your authority will increase even more.

Key Takeaway

As an SEO consultant, I would suggest, If you want to be the go-to website in your industry, take note of the importance of topical authority for SEO. By creating content that is interrelated, you can establish yourself as an authority to the search engines and to the users. The more you do so, the higher your chances are to rank for all types of keywords related to the topic.



Tuesday 2 February 2021

What to look for in an SEO service company in pakistan


Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are very important for your website to be seen and picked up by search engines. If you want your website to appear on the top page of the search results, then your website must be highly ranked and there are lists of factors that generally influence the website ranking. Keyword relevance, search word popularity, how keywords are used in page titles, use of keywords or phrases in the body text are some of the influencing factors in the website ranking. Search engine optimization techniques help you ensure that the factors mentioned above are considered and necessary changes are made to the website and backlinks or inbound links are placed on the internet to divert traffic to your website.

Why choose SEO Services for Business?

If you have a commercial website, then the content that is published on your website is very important and you should be able to convey relevant and purposeful information about your business to your prospects or clients. Internet marketing also plays a vital role as your website needs to be seen by your potential customers and to increase the visibility of your website you will have to opt for SEO techniques. There are many reasons why you should go for SEO for your business, but then let's look at some important ones.

  • SEO will help increase organic traffic to your website.
  • SEO will give you better visibility in the Internet world.
  • Search engines are more inclined towards organic results than paid ads.
  • SEO will help you increase your website's page ranking in search engines.
  • SEO is much cheaper than opting for expensive paid ads on search engines.
  • Using manual SEO techniques, you can drive a lot of genuine traffic to your site.
  • SEO will help increase the conversion rate on your website, thereby increasing profits.

SEO is an internet marketing technique that requires a lot of research and planning and therefore it is advisable to take advantage of the services of a good SEO service company for your business. There are many benefits to choosing an SEO service provider, as they will have the experience and knowledge to design a good SEO strategy for your business that will help you in many ways. Since there are many SEO service companies operating around the world, it is very important to find one that is best for your business. Providing SEO services is not just about placing links across the Internet to drive traffic.


Monday 24 August 2020

How to Get Traffic to Your Website Free? Earn More from Your Website

You have maybe realized that making a profit is the driving force for your Internet marketing strategy. Of course, you enjoy being entrepreneurial and feel a passion for providing exceptional content, services, and products; though, your primary motivation must be profit! In this article, we will discuss, how to get traffic to your website free? You will be better prepared to make that happen.
how to get traffic to your website free
Signature fields on forums and websites are a great place to advertise your website for free. If you post to a forum, add your link to your signature so that it will be seen every time one of your posts is read. Add the link to your email signatures. This is a non-aggressive way to promote your website whenever you talk to anyone on the Internet. The link should include some interesting text that prompts the viewer to visit your site. 

Study the most successful techniques that your competitors are using, then expand on them and use them with your website. If you look at their product with interest, then you will know that they have used good advertising and marketing strategies. Figure out what they did and borrow it for your own campaigns! 

Have sections or a large hub for your products so that visitors can easily find them. It's great to give customers a lot of options, but you should still strive to give your page an organized appearance. 

Monitor your success carefully. This should include refunds, sales, traffic, referrals, and anything else you can think of. Statistics help you see what is working and what is not. 

You should make sure your website offers a unique experience to your visitors. With such a large number of websites on the Internet, it is important that your site stand out. When you highlight any special offers, it provides you an easy way to accomplish this.

You should be very careful about the information you are giving customers when you are marketing a small business. The content should be valuable to your customers, and it should be different from content on other sites. Your website should teach visitors interesting things about your company and provide them with current information.
If you have an online business you must work hard to promote it. You can't find a large company that found "luck" and ended up being powerful and successful. Is the overwhelming success of the Coca-Cola brand a fluke? We know that is not the case. They had a strong marketing strategy and worked hard to implement it. 

Make sure you have a good way to keep site statistics. Take note of your sales, referrals, and where all of your website traffic is coming from. Measure whatever you can. Keeping detailed statistics will help you decide the proper action to take when it comes to Internet marketing because you will know what works and what does not.

 What is your goal? Keep it in the front of your mind and stick with it. Hone in on specifics when you are writing your articles, and try to master that subject matter. There are various directories that highlight different articles, so make sure you submit to the ones that work best for yours. Write with these guidelines in mind to have the best submissions.

You should aim to approach other online businesses and ask them to consider making packaged deals with you for products or services that would be more profitable by selling them at a discount. This tactic is a sound strategy to create connections between multiple markets. This has a cumulative effect on boosting overall revenue. For example, we all know of the online travel sites that have pulled together packages that include your airfare, hotel, and car rental all into one easy transaction. This idea is perfect for any company that has linked products that complement each other but are not seen as competitors. 

Making money from your business is a wonderful goal, and don't let anyone talk you out of it. Aspiring to be rich is going to keep you motivated while implementing the tips from this article will help your business truly succeed.

Monday 10 August 2020

Great Ideas That Will Help With Your Search Engine Optimization


Don't use Flash for your website if you are working on SEO for it. Flash does not load speedily and search engine spiders cannot read it, so the text in this type of file cannot be indexed. You need to make your content both crawlable and visible in order for it to be indexed and optimized by the search engine spiders.

Generally, your site is supposed to entertain visitors and keep them clicking about. A large part of using SEO is bringing people to your website frequently and keeping them there. SEO is also what will help your search engine rankings.

Increase your PageRank by attracting new visitors and establishing rapport with them. You want them to remain on your site as long as possible. There is increasing evidence that the amount of time a person spends on a site (according to metrics like Quantcast scores, etc. This will increase the site's page rank. Try adding forums to the site, or allow for comments on key topics and articles. Encouraging participation will increase the amount of time visitors want to stick around.

When you use properly descriptive title tags, you are ensuring that the search engines understand what content is on your website. Use no more than 60 characters, because most search engines will not display content past that point. Search engines also give little weight to terms coming over the 60 character point.

Should you seek increased traffic for your site, make sure your content is at the top of its game. Visitors will not stay on your website if you do not have the information they can use.

If your website includes audio and video content, you should consider including detailed transcripts. If you really like to get additional authentic info about SEO marketing services, visit our web page.

Friday 3 April 2020

Meta title, Meta description & Keywords Still Big Three in SEO 2020

Meta title

The significance of a title cannot be emphasized enough, because the title of your Web site appears in the browser window, as the title for Google search results, bookmarks and many other places. If you want to develop it just right, follow the below tips:
Meta title and description

·         Make sure your most important keyword or keyword the phrase is included in your title
·         Keep it short
·         Make it descriptive
·         Meta title length should not be more than 55 characters.
·         And never use the word HOME in your home page title...it's pretty meaningless!
For a clearer picture, consider a site that focuses on "SEO Services in Islamabad." A possible title could be "best SEO services in Islamabad". The title, like a subject line in an email, maybe the single most important feature in getting people to click on your link since it's the first thing they're likely to see. It's also one of the first things a search engine will see when crawling your page.

Meta Description

The description is also very important because it's what Google uses when displaying your search engine listing. To create a great description, consider this:
meta description length

Use your most important keywords
Keep your writing tight...don't fill it with fluff
Meta description length should be around 150-160 characters.
Include a call to action, so people are encouraged to click on your link.
Keep in mind that when someone searches for a keyword, search engines show your description, so you should prepare up an attractive description - one that will attract visitors to your site!


When the search engines bot first came on the scene, a lot of focus was placed on keywords. Webmasters tried to cash in, used a lot of these keyword tags, and ended up hurting the system. Slowly the search engines started valuing them less. Today keywords are not given as much importance as before but it is advised that you should give it some thought while developing your site.
You should write a great list of keywords that describe your business, products or services. You'll want to include them with your Web site listing, as part of any Pay Per Click campaign, and to help you write articles, blog posts, site reviews, press releases and more! It will help keep all your messaging on target!
The key to a website's success lies in its content. But, alongside with excellent content, you also want to have:
·         The right keywords that describe your content.
·         Keywords that match your content
·         And, always avoid keyword stuffing, which occurs when a keyword is used too many times in your article.

Wednesday 4 March 2020

SEO Tips for ecommerce websites 2020

Among the different kinds of websites, ecommerce portals are the most difficult to optimize. However, if you know certain tricks, ecommerce sites can be optimized very effectively.

With ecommerce sites, content is generally found in the form of product descriptions. Never ignore the significance of product descriptions for your ecommerce site. Search engine bot do not read images as well as they read text. It's also a decent idea to optimize the product descriptions for your target keywords.
Product Names
Name of the products listed on each page provide good scopefor SEO. Make sure to use commonly searched terms along with the product name. For instance, if you offer a beautiful turquoise colored dress in your store, you get better results if you use "blue-green dress" as the product name as an alternative of "turquoise dress" because more people are probable to use blue, green or blue-green when they search for a dress of this color.
Website navigation is an essential component of SEO. So, you need to categories your products based on different categories and make them easy to trace on the site. Avoid using a many sub-pages and make sure that all categories can be opened from the home page.
Google Places
Submit your business to Google Places. This is a local geography based search. Optimizing on the location is a good trick. You can write in detail about your business and optimize by using the right keywords so that your website shots up in local searches.
Social Media
Connect with target customers on social media and share links to your website on appropriate communities. On your website, create interesting blog or article about the products, and encourage sharing by comprising calls to action and prominent social media icons.
Avoid duplication
Never duplicate a product description, not even from the manufacturer's site. Keep it unique and very interesting. This techniques also applies for titles as well. Also, make sure that content is not copied from one page to another.
Analysis pages are dynamic in nature because of the comments and feedback posted by users. Meanwhile search engine spiders like dynamic sites, ensure that you do not forget to add review pages to your ecommerce store. Do not ignore the importance of keyword in the URL of your website.
If you want to know more about eCommerce website seo, then Seoservices a specialist Best SEO Company in Islamabad that can help you with your businesses online needs.