Tuesday, 5 October 2021

How to optimize your mobile app for app store

App Store optimization is the process of the increasing app conversion rates

Visibility within the app stores and improving app Visibility.

App Store optimization is focused on the Two Leading Store platform

Google play store for Android

Apple app Store for iOS

You have to convince people to click on your app store listing once thy find it.

Here are some important Steps you will to take to improve App Store Optimization

Mobile app optimization

App Title {Use a Descriptive Title}

When descriptive titles are used within link text, they help users navigate more clearly the content they are interested in.

Describe Your App Well is very helpful to optimize your mobile app for app store

Use Proper Grammar and punctuation

App clearly and succinctly introduce

Most notable features Describe

Think of your target customer and highlight features that appeal to that customer.

Explain how your app will benefit users

 Use Keywords Wisely

Study the Competition

Understand the long tail keyword

Put yourself in the customer's shoes when you make a preliminary list of your keywords

Use keyword Research Tools

Identify your target audience

Analyze the results

Add an App Preview Video

Explain the content. You need to consider the features that you want to highlight in your video.

Use Screenshots High Quality

People decide in just 5 seconds whether they are going to download the app or not. Your App Store page looks like there are many high quality Mobile App.

Focus on Icon Design

An icon must be easy to read....

Use vibrant colors. ...

Create a simple logo. ...

Create in vector format. ...

Pick the Right Category

Placing your app in the appropriate category on optimize your mobile app for app store only helpful for users browsing apps by category, but it is also great for helping your mobile app rank well.

Use Application Store Analytics

There is a direct link between rankings and downloads: the more downloads your app has, the more popular its ranking will be.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Reviews and positive ratings, both in terms of quantity and quality, have a huge impact on your App Store optimization efforts.

Reevaluate Regularly

Like Google Analytics for web page marketing, there are many powerful App Store analytics tools designed to help you with your mobile marketing strategy. You'll be able to see where your app stands in the competition, and increase your store rankings accordingly.