Friday, 3 April 2020

Meta title, Meta description & Keywords Still Big Three in SEO 2020

Meta title

The significance of a title cannot be emphasized enough, because the title of your Web site appears in the browser window, as the title for Google search results, bookmarks and many other places. If you want to develop it just right, follow the below tips:
Meta title and description

·         Make sure your most important keyword or keyword the phrase is included in your title
·         Keep it short
·         Make it descriptive
·         Meta title length should not be more than 55 characters.
·         And never use the word HOME in your home page's pretty meaningless!
For a clearer picture, consider a site that focuses on "SEO Services in Islamabad." A possible title could be "best SEO services in Islamabad". The title, like a subject line in an email, maybe the single most important feature in getting people to click on your link since it's the first thing they're likely to see. It's also one of the first things a search engine will see when crawling your page.

Meta Description

The description is also very important because it's what Google uses when displaying your search engine listing. To create a great description, consider this:
meta description length

Use your most important keywords
Keep your writing tight...don't fill it with fluff
Meta description length should be around 150-160 characters.
Include a call to action, so people are encouraged to click on your link.
Keep in mind that when someone searches for a keyword, search engines show your description, so you should prepare up an attractive description - one that will attract visitors to your site!


When the search engines bot first came on the scene, a lot of focus was placed on keywords. Webmasters tried to cash in, used a lot of these keyword tags, and ended up hurting the system. Slowly the search engines started valuing them less. Today keywords are not given as much importance as before but it is advised that you should give it some thought while developing your site.
You should write a great list of keywords that describe your business, products or services. You'll want to include them with your Web site listing, as part of any Pay Per Click campaign, and to help you write articles, blog posts, site reviews, press releases and more! It will help keep all your messaging on target!
The key to a website's success lies in its content. But, alongside with excellent content, you also want to have:
·         The right keywords that describe your content.
·         Keywords that match your content
·         And, always avoid keyword stuffing, which occurs when a keyword is used too many times in your article.