Monday, 15 July 2019

How H1 Tags Help You to Improve Search Engine Rankings

While designing your webpage, it is vital to use headings as they organize and indicate the importance of the content. Heading tags enable the search engines to understand the importance and the relevance of the words that are selected and used in the headings. Using such heading while writing the content has been into practice since the introduction of HTML text, but with Google giving more value to this text, its significance has increased more than the Meta keywords and descriptions.

Header tags, popularly known as H1 tags are basically used to highlight the significance of the body text of a particular site to the search engines and H1 header tags are the basic forms that Google or other search engines rely on to find what the page is all about. Search engines are always in search of authentic or important texts on a web page and H1 tags are the best that indicates anything that is important in the page and thereby helps in increasing the visibility of site. The H1 tag is the most important section of the site as so it is best to match with the title of the web page.
SEO services Islamabad providers use this H1 tags to exhibit the heading of the page and this usually contains a mixture of the content of the site and few selected keywords. The use of this tag makes the rankings more stable and it becomes easy to maintain the rankings for certain key terms. Multiple H1 tags should not be used on the same page. The search engine spiders crawl the website page and try to determine the theme of the particular web page. When they find resemblance between H1 tags and the content of the page they consider it as the theme of the page and give it a boost in the search engine results.
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