Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Content Promotion Techniques and Strategies

The successful content marketers and professional article writers use some advanced content writing techniques for promoting their content. As content writing starts with written words, so the content writer make efforts to write high quality content and articles using a variety of writing techniques. It is compulsory for content writers to understand the product or service of the client’s company and the relevant keywords to write an article and quality content.Here are some techniques, tips and tricks to produce high quality content and to become professional content and article writer.
  • It is necessary to stay in research mode at all times on daily basis to write high quality content. Whenever you get idea start searching for major points related to the selected topic, URLs for Web pages and websites that provide further information related to your topic.
  • Browse and research the web and study the articles on social media sides related to your selected topic for content and article writing.

  • Use Google+ and Evernote to organize your research and to save the valuable information, and webpage having fresh ideas and research related to your topic.
  • Spent more time to understand and analyze the competitor’s website and its product and services. It is very important for you to know about the online tricks and techniques of your competitor, analyze their website and focus on keywords getting higher ranking on search engine.

    • Use the technique of newsjacking. It consists of latest news, events, trends and simply unanswered questions related to your topic. The content writer main focus should be on trendspotting which means to know what people want to know and for what people are talking about. This technique would be effective when you will be fully aware of breaking news through social media and expert in selection of mostly searched phrases and keywords. 
    • The use of Content Enhancers is an essential and key element to promote and boost your content.There are two main categories of Content enhancers e.g. backup and embeds. Content enhancers enhances and convert your low quality and rough text into strong content with the use of Anecdotes, Numerical facts & figures, Quotes, audios, videos, photos, polls and social media.


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